All data and documents are stored and managed in two Microsoft Azure data centers.

All data and documents are saved 6 times. Backups are available for up to 35 days.

setcons is completely web-based. No apps or other software need to be installed on users' computers or mobile devices.

If you book a paid version of setcons, you will be billed for a billing period of 3 months in advance. Term of payment is 10 days.

You can cancel setcons at any time. After the cancellation, the booked version is still available for 10 days after the end of your billing period.

Yes, if you meet the criteria. Delete all users except 3. Make sure your space usage is below 3GB.

All data and documents are deleted completely and irretrievably.

As long as you want.

Any user with administrator rights can create new users.

You can print the ID cards yourself or order them from us. Select the objects for which you need ID cards and select "ID Cards" in the action selection. There you can print or order the ID cards. The ID cards have the standard format of a credit card.

Setcons partners are engineering firms, architects and project managers. Our partners receive extensive training and discounts on setcons list prices.

Send an e-mail to t.gebhardt@cca-engineering.de. We will get back to you.